Frequently Asked Questions about Roobrik

Who is Roobrik for?

Roobrik is for the 90 million family caregivers who turn to the Internet for help with complex care decisions. Roobrik is also for the long term care service providers who can meet the needs of these families and aging adults.

How is Roobrik different?

There is no shortage of information available to family caregivers. The challenge comes in finding and synthesizing all of the data points to form a plan and carry out a decision.

Roobrik combines the best practices of medical assessment tools, the latest research from leading healthcare agencies and experts, and a robust back-end data engine to create personalized reports that address on a single, common, high-stakes transition, like stopping driving, home safety, or cognitive decline.

Who creates the Roobrik content?

Roobrik was created by a team of family and professional caregivers. Together with our clinical and long term care industry advisors, we craft each assessment and curate the resources in each Roobrik report to help make getting informed about complex care decisions simpler.

What does it cost to use Roobrik?

Roobrik is free for family caregivers and aging adults.

Who sees my assessment or other personal information I provide?

Protecting your private information is our priority. Certain data collected by Roobrik is stored and analyzed in aggregate to inform our product development process. If you choose to provide your email address in order to save your Roobrik report, Roobrik retains and protects that record on your behalf. Roobrik does not sell, rent or lease its customer lists to third parties. Roobrik’s complete privacy policy is available here.

I'm not sure how to answer some of the questions in the assessment. What should I do?

If you’re not sure how big a problem a certain behavior may be, go with your gut. Your personalized Roobrik report will connect you to professionals who can make a more accurate assessment.

I completed my assessment, now what?

Take moment to recognize that you’ve done a good thing. By taking the time to get informed, you are showing that you care about making the right choices for everyone involved.

Once each assessment is complete, Roobrik generates a personalized report that includes your fit or risk score, recommendations on how to move forward, and resources to help you formulate and carry out a plan.

If you’d like to save your Roobrik assessment, enter your email address when asked at the end of your assessment and we’ll send you a copy.

How is my assessment or score calculated?

Each Roobrik assessment is designed to translate the changes you’ve noticed into an overall risk or fit level, depending on the question you are facing.

First, Roobrik presents common behaviors most families and aging adults notice first, and asks whether you think these are problems, and if so, are they small or big ones. Concerns about safety, cognitive function or other serious medical conditions are captured, along with information about the aging adult’s disposition, living arrangements. Responses are weighted according to the impact each behavior may have on potential solutions to the care decision at hand, and a simple score is presented to the caregiver or aging adult to provide helpful context with which to formulate a plan.

Our team of family and professional caregivers, clinicians and long term care specialists combine their expertise with the latest, most trusted third-party data to carefully create and review each decision tool. Before a new tool goes live, we test our scoring algorithms extensively with real-world users facing the same decisions to ensure each personalized report accurately reflects the situation and needs of the family caregiver or aging adult.

Can I share my assessment?

Yes! We hope you find Roobrik to be a helpful framework for making shared, informed long term care decisions. To receive a copy of your report via email, which you may forward to others in your family or care team, please enter your email address when prompted at the end of your assessment.

What decisions can Roobrik help with?

Each Roobrik assessment is designed to address on a single, common, high-stakes transition.

How is Roobrik funded?

Roobrik is currently funded by a small group of angel investors. Commercial partnerships are available to long term care service providers who want to understand and champion effective family caregiving.)

Do you have a question?If your question isn't answered here, please send it to us. info@roobrik.com